When AOC said they had a new gaming monitor for me to look at I was interested and when I saw the size I was very interested. The AOC C3583FQ is a 35 inch curved display that when you take it out of the box dominates your desk.

First – I have to get this in here – the AOC C3583FQ, really AOC? It’s not exactly a snappy name.

Plug it in and power it up and quibbles about the name quickly disappear. Unless you start getting technical about it there are very few things that are easy to describe the differences between monitors. This one is bigger, this one is more adjustable and so on. When you get to see them in person there are clear differences in brightness, sharpness and color but that can be hard to write about without going down a technical rabbit hole. The C35’s attributes are much more obvious -if you’ve never used a widescreen curved monitor before it’s rather a surprise how immersive it feels and a pleasant one at that. The curve does not sound that important but it really makes a positive difference.

So how do the specs line up? For its size the C35 has an unexpectedly low resolution and pixel density at 2560 x 1080 but it makes up for this by having adaptive sync (which also supports AMD’s FreeSync natively) which can drive the screen up to 160Hz. There’s something of a trade-off between resolution and refresh rate and speaking personally I’d say AOC got the balance right.

Connectivity is also well served, with D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, MHO and two display ports. The C35 also has dual speakers and a headphone input and outputs. AOC C35

Product Information

Price: RRP £759, Available for £550

Included in the box: Monitor, VGA Cable, HDMI cable, Displayport Cable, 3.5mm audio cable, Power brick with 8 ended cable, Driver DVD.

Retailer: Amazon +:

About AOC

AOC, “Admiral Overseas Corporation”, was founded in Taiwan in 1967 and is now part of TPV Technology Limited, a PC monitor manufacturer who ships around 15 million monitors worldwide per year.

It is one of the big name brands in computer monitors and have a reputation for reliability, durability and their top of the line monitors are some of the best on the market.


Most modern monitors put all of their electronics in the main screen section and make the stand removable. Not so the C35. It has an integrated stand with a very heavy base section that also contains the controls and ports. This means the screen is not VESA compatible (can’t be put on an arm) and has a relatively limited range of motion open to it – tilting forward slightly and back a reasonable amount.

The controls are all touch sensitive and are on the front of the base unit. They consist of a source selector, left/right arrows, a menu button and a power (really standby) button. The menu system is commendably large and straightforward to use.

From the front and the back the C35 looks impressive with piano black plastic with silver accents. The two speakers are mounted equidistant from the centre of the screen and are rear facing.

  • Desk usage only with minimal movement.
  • Optimized for ambidextrous use
  • Adjusting of the angle takes two hands and a reasonable level of pressure.
  • Angle adjustable from -3 to 15 degrees
  • Target audience: AMD Gamers and productivity gurus

Environment & People

The monitor uses 60W of power when on and when on standby uses 5W. There is no hardware off switch and the only way to turn it all the way off is to unplug it.

It meets Energystar 6, TCO 6, EPEAT Gold, TUV-Baruart, CE and EAC regulations.


The C35 is currently available on Amazon (resold by AOC) for £550. This puts it on a reasonable line with other 35 inch high refresh rate gaming monitors which go from around £500 upwards depending on resolution, curve and exact refresh rates and technology.

If you’re looking for the highest possible resolution or biggest size the C35 might not be your most effective choice but the trade offs it makes are sensible.


Technical Specification
Size: 35″ Diagonal
Physical dimensions: 98.6 x 60 x 28cm
Weight: 12kg not including the power brick
Panel Type: MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment)
Resolution 2560 x 1080
Aspect Ratio: 21:9
Curve Radius: 2000mm
Viewing angle: up to 178 degrees although as a curved display this can be somewhat deceiving and the monitor is best used by a single user.
Inputs: D-Dub, DVI, HDMI, MHL, 2x Displayport
Response time: 4ms
Sync: Adaptive-Sync supporting Free-Sync between 45 and 160Hz
Brightness: 200cd/m squared
Contrast: 2000:1

Warranty: Three-year warranty on any manufacturer defects or faulty components, repaired or replaced at no charge. For warranty repairs, this also includes the cost of shipping.


Like any larger hi-resolution monitor, you’re going to need an appropriate computer to plug it into. To get the most out of a monitor you want to match the native resolution of the monitor (2560×1080) to one your computer can also natively produce. The C35’s ability to refresh at up to 160 Hz is compatible with AMD’s FreeSync technology but not natively with Nvidia’s G-Sync.

AOC C35 2


Wide, curved monitors have a very specific target audience in gaming. These screens generally serve those looking for simulation games like Elite which extra immersiveness will really benefit. This immersiveness is also surprisingly useful for productivity although the lower pixel density isn’t ideal for this.

Bottom line – if you like widescreen gaming and you’ve got an AMD FreeSync card the AOC C3583FQ should be high on the list of monitors for you to investigate. Highly recommended.

The review is based on the AOC C3583FQ kindly lent by AOC.
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