AOC’s 34″ monitor arrived in the biggest box I have ever seen for electronic equipment. Unboxing it was a pleasure and in less than ten minutes after the doorbell had rung, it was sitting on my desk displaying a high quality background image I had selected just for the occasion.

AOC monitor feature image

Every visitor to my office over the following two weeks stopped in the door and all attention was immediately directed to my monitor. Different aspects appealed to different people. The extremely narrow bezel was inspected, as was the output panel and the adjustable stand. I was asked to load up some high-res images and video to see how the IPS panel displayed colour consistently from all angles and to turn on the speakers on the screen.

I was told that it would be perfect for trade shows, awesome for gaming conferences and excellent for office presentations. Most of all, I was questioned about the resolution, the sheer size was enough to take everyone’s breath away and everyone wanted one.


Adjustable Screen

The screen can pivot, swivel and tilt -5° to +24°. It has a VESA connector and can be mounted to the wall or a monitor arm and most desirable of all, the stand is height adjustable by 180mm.

IPS Panel

IPS (In-Plane Switching) has two main advantages. It allows a wider viewing angle and displays colour more accurately and clearly. The main drawback of an IPS screen historically is that it doesn’t change as quickly and can show some ghosting. AOC’s 34″ monitor has minimized this inherent drawback and it has a 60Hz refresh rate (when using DisplayPort) and s 5ms response time, on par or superior to most of the TN ((Twisted Nematic) monitors on the market and I experienced nothing but excellent quality whilst putting it through its paces.

34″ Screen with 3440 x 1440@60Hz Resolution

The size of the screen is perfect. It is large enough that text on the edges of the screen start to blur. At first I found myself leaning left and right, but then I adapted to having one large screen instead of multiple monitors.

I placed little things on the left – Skype or a Harvard reference generating tool. On the far right I placed Dragon Naturally Speaking’s Learning Centre. I used the left side of the remaining space for typing and the right for reference materials.

4 columns displayed on AOC's 34" monitor

Be aware that due to its size, high-resolution and excellent quality, it requires a reasonably powerful machine to do it justice and a good to superior graphics card when gaming.

Target audience

The specification, size and resolution makes a great choice for gaming, home entertainment and multi-media, computer related work as well as studying. It would also perform very well for presentations and on trade show floors to show off software applications as well as games.


The company page provides the following information about sustainability and environmental impact: “Eco-conscious efforts start with production and carry through every step in the process, down to the choice of packaging materials. Built-in features like LED backlights decrease overall power consumption and ongoing running costs. Additional energy-saving settings let users tailor their working experience for even lower energy use. AOC displays comply with international environmental standards such as ENERGY STAR, TCO and EPEAT.”


Type: 34″ 21:9 Colour Pro-line IPS LCD Monitor
Display area: 799.8 (H) x 334.8 (V)
Product with stand (W×H×D) 551.4 x 400.4 x 221 mm
Item Weight: 10 kg, 13.72 kg (with packaging)
Optimum resolution: 3440 x 1440@60Hz
HDCP compatible: Yes
Response Time: 5ms
Colours: 1.07 Billion
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 80M:1
Brightness: 320 cd/m2
Backlight: LED
Power Consumption On: 47,54W, Standby: 0,28W, Off: 0,19W
Zero Power Switch: Yes
Connectors: D-Sub, DVI , HDMI 1x, USB 4x USB 2.0 / USB 3.0, MHL, Display Port: 1
Audio: 3.5mm Headphone Out
Speaker: 3-Watt
Voltage: AC 100-240C (Universal); 50/60 Hz
Mount: VESA Wallmount 100mm x 100mm
Height adjustment: 180 mm
Pivot: Yes
Swivel: Yes
Tilt: -5/+24

Warranty: 3 years


It is an external monitor that requires both a power source, plugs into mains outlet, and something to connect to display. It can be connected via HDMI, D-Sub or DVI.

AOC 34" monitor back and side view



The AOC 34″ monitor is highly accessible to anyone with a visual impairment, photophobia (sensitive to bright light) or colour blindness. The display is clear, colour is rendered beautifully and due to the size of the monitor, using visual assistive software and settings is a dream. Colour and brightness settings are easy to use and for those with photophobia, dimming and changing to a warmer colour scheme can make a world of difference.


The sound quality of the built-in 3 Watt speakers provide audio superior to most monitors, however I would recommend external speakers or a headset with excellent audio quality for anyone with a hearing impairment, tinnitus or hyperacusis. There is a headphone out as well as 4 USB connectors to plug in the speakers or headset (or any other USB device) of your choice directly into the monitor. The monitor emits no sound when running or on stand-by.

Input and touch

There are 5 buttons at the bottom of the screen to control the settings menu. The power button is on the right, which is standard and emit a low blue light when the screen is turned on. The buttons are raised, smooth and require little pressure to press and about a finger width apart.

The input ports are on the back of the monitor and not conveniently accessible for everyday plug-in devices, but conveniently positioned for regular and occasional use. The USB ports are on the back right hand side of the monitor a few inches from the edge.

The screen can pivot, swivel, tilt, raise and lower. I was able to raise, lower, tilt and swivel it with one hand, but it is much easier with two due to its size. One of the most valuable features of the monitor is that although it is easy to adjust it is difficult to accidentally knock it out of position. In the two weeks of daily use, with a cat climbing over my desk, preschooler bouncing off my desk and with regular knocks and bumps, the screen remained in perfect position.

Movement and mobility

The height adjustability (up to 180mm) of the screen makes it a good choice for wheelchair users or anyone with reduced mobility that may use a custom chair of a non-standard height. It is both suitable for short and very tall users as well as children.

Motion sickness and balance disorders

It is highly accessible to anyone who experience motion sickness, nausea and dizziness related to simulated movement. The high quality of the visual display made it easier for me to tolerate simulated movement.

Ease of Use

It is a plug and play device that is easy to unbox and set-up. It is a heavy and unwieldy product to unbox and I would recommend getting some help to get it physically set-up on a desk for anyone who cannot easily lift 10 kg spread over 34 inches. It also requires the use of a screwdriver to attach the stand to the screen.

It does come with some software perks, like the Screen+ feature that lets you divide the screen into sections, for which drivers need to be installed but if you choose not to use these it will work plug and play.

AOC image

Cognitive, language and math

The screen does not require any knowledge of math nor any reading, comprehension or writing skills.

Social Interaction



No common allergen is used in the product.

Trigger warnings & age ratings


Product Information

Manufacturer: AOC

AOC, “Admiral Overseas Corporation”, was founded in Taiwan in 1967 and is now part of TPV Technology Limited, a PC monitor manufacturer who ships around 15 million monitors worldwide per year. It is one of the big name brands in computer monitors and have a reputation for reliability, durability and their top of the line monitors are some of the best on the market.


RRP: £644.40
Retailer: £569 on Amazon


The market price for 34″ monitors start at around £400 and the average cost is between £450 – £750. AOC’s 34″ IPS monitor falls squarely within the average price range and with its excellent quality and a 3 year warranty, it is good value for money.

Included In The Box 

  • Power cable
  • DisplayPort cable
  • HDMI cable
  • DVI-D cable
  • Analogue (D-Sub cable)
  • Audio cable
  • User Guide/Monitor Driver CD

AOC 34" monitor displaying 3 columns


It didn’t matter what I was doing, AOC’s 34″ monitor served me well. It is fabulous for gaming or watching a movie and it allows three A4 or larger parallel work panels. Whilst studying in the evenings I could load up a movie on the side whilst typing away in the second column, reserving the third for instant messages coming in from friends. It has suited me well, adapted not only to each individual varied task I carried out, but to any combination of tasks I wanted to work on.

It is highly accessible, excellent quality and has to be one of the most desirable monitors on the market. Highly recommended.

The review is based on the 34″ U3477PQU Monitor kindly provided by AOC.