We’ve mentioned before that most android phones and tablets have the ability to use USB devices with the correct cabling, but Brando have launched a device to make it easier.  The MicroUSB OTG 3-Port Hub with Stand is a 3 port USB hub optimised to work with smartphones with a built in stand.  It will only work with devices that support OTG cables, which include most but not all Android phones.  The only really notable exception is the Nexus 4 which will not work.

Brando StandHub

The design is simple but very effective and it is demonstrated using a mouse, keyboard and a flash drive at the same time.  Its small enough that it could be added to a gear bag and would potentially be a great way to increase your mobile productivity.  As a added bonus the hub is surprisingly cheap – only $10

At the moment I can only see a couple of issues.  Because the USB port is also the charging port you will not be able to charge your phone while using this – indeed it will actually run your battery down faster than normal as it is also powering 3 more devices. That is not a major problem but it means it could not be used for sustained periods of several hours.  The second problem is that it appears to be only available in the US at the moment.  Retailers Brando do say they will ship worldwide but do not have more specific information as to how long this takes or pricing differences.

If you have a phone which will work with this hub it looks well worth its $10 price.



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