If you’ve been gaming for a while the chances are you have a favorite old system that you can reminisce about but that most other people either have never heard of or just don’t get why it was so good.  The Vanamo Online Game Museum is trying to create an online archive of every old console and provide quality photos, articles and specs for them all.

The Kickstarter is being setup to expand the current site at wikimedia with fresh photos and video of consoles.  They plan to start with getting a complete collection of  Atari, Sega, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo consoles and then expanding out to the more obscure as funding allows.

The photo’s will be put in the public domain for any use but the lowest level of buy in to get early access is only $1 so if you are at all interested in seeing classic consoles close up then it is well worth the money.  At present the kickstarter is $1601 into its $8500 goal with 24 days to run.

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