I have been interested in meal replacements for a long time. My interest was originally fired by the sci-fi ideal of being able to take a pill for lunch, but a couple of years ago realistic options started to come on the market. Soylent, Joylent, Huel and several others emerged and tried them all.

I soon realised that I didn’t want to replace all my food. There is just too much pleasure in sharing a good meal. I did appreciate the option on busy work days or when away on trips to not worry about meals. They made it easy to keep going without skipping meals or wasting time trying to find a good place to eat.

There were just two problems: I only want a single meal at a time and the packs were usually for a whole 24 hours. This meant repacking the powder and having to pre-measure and then I had to have three meals in short succession or the pack would go off. A small problem. The second problem was that meal replacements are all non-natural and highly artificial with extracts and added supplements. This isn’t necessarily a big problem for most, but I do prefer organic, natural ingredients given a choice. A bigger problem.

Ambronite aims to fix these niggles. It comes in individually sealed bags which contain one meal with 500 kcal. The serving bags are quite solid and withstood being inside my bag for a couple of days until I needed a meal. I was able to roll them slightly and fit them inside the 600ml bottle which you need to prepare and drink with. Small problem solved.

The big problem – the lack of natural ingredients – is where Ambronite shines. The drink contains 18 ingredients – organic oats, organic coconut, organic lucuma, organic chlorella, wild bilberry, wild sea-buckthorn, organic brown rice protein, organic stinging nettle, organic rice bran, nutritional yeast, organic spinach, organic spirulina, organic almond , organic flaxseed, organic apple, mineral salt, organic brazil nut and organic blackcurrant – and that’s it.

Ambronite is simple to make, easy to carry, made from the highest quality ingredients, incredibly filling and although the flavour takes some getting used to, it is easy to swallow with a thin consistency. It’s the Rolls Royce of meal supplements aptly branded by the company as a “drinkable supermeal”.

Product Information

Retailer: Ambronite +

Price: ± €11 (£8.70/$11.80) per meal
Sold as €55 (5 meals), €75.65 (10 meals), €89 (15 meals) and the first order includes a mixer/drinking bottle.
Ships worldwide, delivery rates start at: €9 Finland, €11.90 United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland, $9.90 USA, $19.90 Canada

About Ambronite (the company)

Ambronite, the company, was formed in April 2013 and launched with a crowdfunding campaign in 2014 as the most funded food project ever on Indiegogo. They’re dually based in Finland and San Francisco and have customers in 30 countries and are heavily invested in.

The shaker bottle is made of Tritan plastic which is EA, AA and BPA and BPS free.


Ambronite has three possible packages – 5 meals for 55 Euros (£44), 10 meals for 89 Euros (£72) or 10 meals on a monthly subscription at 75 Euros (£60). Shipping is 9 Euros for Finland, 11.90 Euros for the UK, and Germany and $10 in the US. They also ship worldwide and offer free shipping if you order more than 40 meals at once. The individual unopened packs have a shelf storage life of around six months.

That means the cheapest meal cost is £7 and the most expensive is £10 depending on the package you go for. This obviously isn’t the cheapest way to get a nutritious meal, but it compares favourably to a meal out and is similar to the cost of junk food. Compared to other meal replacements options it is expensive, but as a premium product that is to be expected.


Product dimensions (individual pack): 18.5 x  13 x 1.5 cm
Item Weight (individual pack): 128g

Nutrition Specification – one serving 
Sodium: .175g
Potassium: 1.175g 25%RDA
Calcium: 269mg 25% RDA
Iron: 6mg 75%RDA
Phosphorous: 396mg 55%
Iodine: 58ug 38%
Magnesium: 159mg 38%
Zinc: 5.5mg 50%
Selenium: 24ug 42.5%
Copper: .55mg 60%
Manganese: 1.75mg 125%

Vitamin A: 456ug 50%
Thiamin B1: 1.25ug 103%
Riboflavin B2: .65mg 47.5%
Niacin B3: 8.7mg 52.5%
Panthothenic Acid B5: 2.275mg 45%
Vitamin B6: .675mg 50%
Biotin B7:  30.3ug 100%
Folate B9: 179ug 42.5%
Vitamin B12: 2.85ug  117.5%
Vitamin C: 51.75mg 57.5%
Vitamin D: 3.75ug 25%
Vitamin E: 4.175mg 27.5%
Vitamin K: 71.75ug 57.5%


Ambronite needs a liquid added to it. This is normally water but can also be a juice or cordial. You can also add chunks of fruit for extra flavour. The bottle that is supplied with the first order is solid and didn’t leak when I kept it prefilled in my bag so it’s practical even if you’re on the go.



Practical meal replacements are aimed at a niche of the market – those who are short on time, lack preparation facilities, want to cut down on decision fatigue or want to make sure they are getting all the right nutrients without any of the complexities.

Ambronite takes this list of targets and hits them all and adds another – natural organic ingredients for those that really care about what they eat. This last point is reflected in its much higher than average price – it’s a product for those willing to pay a premium price for a premium product.

It’s a compelling product that does exactly what it claims and it is impressively straightforward. As with any food product, the flavour is going to have its admirers and detractors, but Ambronite offers a single pack at a lower cost. Try it out and see what you think for yourself. Recommended.

The review is based on 5 servings of Ambronite kindly provided by Ambronite. Read more about Ergohacks’ eco, access and feature icons used in reviews. This article was first published on 15 April 2016 and last updated on 14 June 2016.