If you are in the UK most of the fuss about Black Friday will probably be passing you by – without the US Thanksgiving holiday Black Friday as a shopping day has never really taken off.  The one big exception to this is Amazon.

Amazon lightning deals

Amazon are offering deals on  a limited number of items items every 15 minutes for at least the next day.

The way it works is that on the 15 minute mark the items become available to put into you basket.  This continues until all the items have been put in a basket and then a waiting list becomes available for those not quick enough.  If the customers check their purchases out within a time limit they get the discount, if not they item becomes available to the next person on the list. Items are available for two hours, if not sold out, but can often repeat so if you miss a deal check – it might recur.

Prices are discounted between 10% and 75% depending on the item so there can be some good deals to be had for those who have the time to look.

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