We spend almost a third of our lives asleep. That is the theory, but most of us fall far short of how much sleep we should be getting. We wake up, toss and turn, throw off hot covers, pull up more covers and those eight hours a night is an elusive dream. There are many aspects to a good night’s sleep, but comfort and temperature are two of the most important ones.

The Wool Room’s Alpaca duvet and mattress topper create a luxurious insulated pocket to sleep in. Most of us consider the duvet we buy, but forget about a mattress topper – which is just as important – or arguably, even more so. It’s the mattress topper you lie on – it’s what you want to sink into after a long, tiring day. It’s also the cold seeping in from below in the winter months that’s the big problem and after you’ve kicked off the sheets in the summer, it’s what you lie on that makes the difference.

Alpaca and sheep’s wool are both natural, breathable fibres that help with body temperature regulation and makes night sweats less of a problem, yet it insulates well. The soft luxurious texture is evident through the organic cotton and it really does make a massive difference to temperature regulation and comfort. Not only do we use it at home, we take it camping and we never have cold air seeping through an air mattress ruining a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

Organic Alpaca isn’t a budget option and spending almost £300 on a mattress topper may not seem like a smart investment – but it’s better value than you think because it’s durable. We’ve had one of our Alpaca summer duvets for two decades now and it’s still as fluffy and comfortable as it was the first summer we used it. If you sleep at home 5 nights a week and the topper lasts for around a decade, it’ll set you back around 10p per night.

We absolutely adore our Alpaca wool mattress enhancer. It’s beautifully made to a very high standard and does make the bed softer, warmer and much more comfortable. Highly recommended.


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Price: ± £190 – £300


50% Alpaca + 50% wool

The Wool Room’s Alpaca duvet and mattress enhancer is filled with an even combination of Alpaca and British wool. The difference between similar quality Alpaca and sheep’s wool is that Alpaca fibre has a glossy shine, higher textile strength and a different, smoother scale surface that makes it softer.

Alpaca wool is a premium choice, but you do get what you pay for. Alpaca wool is a hollow fibre wool, like a polar bear’s fur, allowing it greater thermal insulation and moisture wicking ability. Alpaca wool is a dry fibre, whilst sheep’s wool contains lanolin, i.e. wool wax. Wool is a wonderful fibre for bedding – it’s natural, naturally flame-retardant, breathable, insulates and provide moisture wicking. Alpaca is a bit of a super-wool. If you can afford the best – it’s definitely good value for money, but if the price tag is a bit too steep, invest in a sheep’s wool topper (also available from The Wool Room at a significant reduction in price), the vast majority of people don’t need super-wool, just traditional wool is quite super enough compared to synthetic alternatives.

Caution: Some wool are ‘superwashed’ to remove lanolin, which is neither an environmentally friendly practice nor good for people as it uses multiple harsh chemicals to remove the lanolin. Lanolin or no lanolin doesn’t make a significant difference in this case as the wool is sealed in with an organic cotton lining. If you go for sheep’s wool, go organic.

Alpaca and fleece wool are both sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. The Wool Room’s bedding also uses 100% 300 thread organic cotton to encase the wool.

Allergy UK Seal of Approval

Alpaca and wool are both excellent bedding choices for asthmatics and dust mite allergy sufferers. Dust mites thrive in warm, dank, dark places and wool creates a dry and airy environment that is not conducive to house dust mites. Wool is also a natural, breathable fabric, an excellent quality for asthmatics who may have chemical triggers and breathable is always a plus.

Alpaca and wool are both hypoallergenic products. A “wool allergy” is not actually an allergy to wool, but a reaction to lanolin, wool grease, that is secreted by the skin and mixed into the wool. All sheep’s wool at The Wool Room is washed to remove lanolin. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin.

Flame resistant 

Wool is difficult to ignite and does not normally sustain a flame. I prefer bedding that is naturally fire-retardant and wool certainly is.


Sizes: Single, double, king and super king
Filling: 1,000 gsm 50/50 British wool and British alpaca
Outer Fabric: 100% organic unbleached cotton with channel stitching
Construction: wool and alpaca enveloped in 300tc organic cotton
Colour: Natural
Washing: Dry clean only. Air and shake regularly.


Dry clean only.

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“I set out to challenge the outdated way that the world saw wool.  I wanted woolroom to become the leading destination for high quality wool products for the home by using generations of wool experience to select just the right wool for the right end-use.  It was really important to find ways to deliver to the modern consumer fabulous wool products that enhanced and embodied the natural, sustainable and health-giving qualities of hand-picked wool.  This drive to deliver the best product possible allowed us to improve the price the farmer is paid for that wool.” Jo Dawson – Founder*

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on 2 weeks of testing and 32 months of use. This product is still in regular use today. It was kindly provided by The Wool Room in March 2015.  This article was first published on 14 March 2015 and last updated on 22 November 2017.