On my first day at  Clerkenwell last week I had a problem. I’d gotten a new review phone the day before and after spending time setting it up realised that I was out of a USB C cable to recharge it from my battery. This isn’t a problem that happens to be me often and with a quick Amazon order of the correct cable won’t be one that happens to me again but it did start me thinking about and finding a possible solution.

Wireless charging is a great idea that’s never quite gotten there but aircharge plan to do so. They make a range of surface chargers that are designed to integrate into furniture and other devices through the home and in public place. The basic charger is designed to fit into the standard 80mm desk cable holes and has different types of top to integrate with the desk or tables look.

Getting a little more advanced there are desk lights with charging plates built in, draw organisers and more to come.

That’s only half the solution though – what if your phone does not have wireless charging built in? Aircharge have a solution for that as well – wireless charging cases. These are available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If you prefer Android you’re out of luck but many Android phones have it built in already and there are external cases available for most of the bigger brands.

Long term Aircharge plan to sell their integrated chargers to businesses but for now the pads and cases are available to buy for anything from £15 upwards.