The Ergohacks Verdict

I have been looking for a simple bedside lamp for years. I want a lamp that is suitably muted and dimmable to a low light. Easy to switch on and off in the middle of the night without waking up the whole house. A lamp that runs quietly, charges easily and fits in with the decor of our bedroom. A lamp that remembers its last setting, so that it doesn’t turn on at full-brightness at 2 a.m. A more eco-friendly lamp with low energy requirements, made from durable materials that’ll last at least a few years.

Aglaia’s glass table lamp looked very promising. It has all of the above features and colour changing modes. I’m not the flashy lights in the bedroom kind of person, so didn’t think I’d find much use for those, (but I did!). I quite liked the cracked egg design, despite not usually going for the oval-shaped look. It’s a nice lamp and after rescuing the remote from Cass, who absolutely loves the colour changing modes that made the room light up like a disco, I discovered that there’s more to this lamp than I had realised. I was familiar with the features – dimmable, touch sensor, remote control, RBG colour, rechargeable battery and so, but until it sat on my bedside table for 2 weeks, I didn’t know how these things could actually make life at night a bit easier.

Aglaia’s egg-shaped glass lamp has made quite an impression on me. It has the features I value, particularly the more elusive super low light setting. It dims so low it could function as a night light – and with a remote control it doesn’t have to be on the bedside table, but can be placed anywhere in the room. Instant appeal for a child’s bedroom, particularly one with Type 1 Diabetes, as it meant that I could place it on her test kit shelf and when I had to do a glucose test in the middle of the night, I turned it on with the remote I kept and she didn’t wake up, but I had enough light to see by. If she was scared at night, I could leave it on a low setting as a nightlight for a while.

In my bedroom, it worked just as well. I instantly loved the red light. It didn’t ruin my night vision but provided enough illumination to see by. It’s easy to adjust with the remote without having to search for switches and it’s flexibility suited me. Dim at night or on a migraine day, but also bright enough to see by earlier in the evening when everyone is still up and about, yet never so bright that it feels like noon on a summer’s day. The range of colours is a nice touch and it’s worked well in bedrooms, my office and as low light in the lounge on movie night. It’s stylish, simple, functional and well made. Recommended.

Ergohacks Essential

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The light is a cracked egg-shaped made of glass that rests on a polycarbonate base. It can be picked up and removed from the base which is pretty cool.


  • Multi-Color Changing. RGB light with 5 colour changing modes
  • 6-Level Dimmable Brightness in 7 colours.
  • Operate the table lamp by touching the button on the lamp base or using the remote control.
  • USB Charging
  • 4000 mAh battery provides about 16 hours of light.


Product dimensions: 24 x 22.4 x 16.2 cm
Item Weight: 1kg
Type of bulb: LED
Colour: Red, yellow, white, blue, green, violet
Waterproof: No
Decibels: Silent operation
Energy use: low energy use
Materials: glass and PV


Charges via USB cable plugged into a mains outlet.


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 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on 2 weeks of tinkering, testing and using the Aglaia table lamp kindly provided by Aglaia. This article was first published on 24 May 2017.