If you work at a desk the chances are that you’ve thought about your chair, your desk and probably your keyboard and monitor. They’re ergonomics 101 but have you thought about the lighting? Traditionally you had the choice between a directed spotlight light source or a full room solution but Aglaia has come up with a perfect example of the third way – a downward non-spot system. The dimmable LED desk lamp has a line of LED’s on the base of a cylinder. This cylinder stays about a foot above the desk on a flexible and hinged stalk so can be set to almost any angle or height, although it naturally tries to face down. The hinge attaches to the rather weighty base which reduces the chances of the whole thing falling over. The light is controlled by the touch sensitive base and cycles through three levels of brightness. As an LED it doesn’t flicker and neither I not people with younger ears have been able to hear any buzzing or whining at any load. The light itself is an untinted white and pleasant to see.

The Aglaia has one more trick up it’s sleeve – the back of the base has a USB charging port which outputs 5V at 2 Amps. This isn’t the highest amperage I’ve ever seen but it’s decent and means that with the addition of a short USB cable you get a charging point for your phone (or tablet) as well. I have discovered one problem with this – if you’ve got a metal backed phone and plug it in and then put it down on the base and it’ll switch the light on or up a level.

Aglia Lamp DimensionsProduct Information

Retailer: Amazon +

Price: ± £18 – 25
Paid extras: None – bulbs integrated
Delivery costs: Free Delivery


The light has an RRP of £48 but retails direct from the manufacturer on Amazon for £18 and I’ve seen it drop in price to £15 a couple of times in the last month. That’s well priced compared to most desk lamps and significantly cheaper than most touch LED lamps to say nothing of the addition of a charger.


Colour: Black
Power Consumption: 7W
Lifespan: 50000 Hours quoted
Light color temperatures: 5200 ~ 5800K
Lumen: 380LM
Center Luminance (30cm): 900LUX(Max); 100LUX(Min)
Material: ABS + Aluminium + Silicon
USB Port: 5V 2A output
Brightness: 3 Levels
Bulb included: Yes

Warranty: 24 months


If you’re looking for a diffuse desktop lamp the Aglaia 7W Dimmable is a great choice. It’s a small footprint combined with a flexible head and produces a nice light. The extra ability to charge your phone is a bonus that most people will actually find genuinely useful. The light goes on sale regularly so keep your eye out for it for and snatch it up when you get the chance. Recommended.

The review is based on the Aglaia 7W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp. Read more about Ergohacks’ eco and access icons used in reviews. This article was first published on 8th September 2016.