The Ergohacks Verdict

Camping over the weekend, I woke up around 2 am to a strange yet familiar sound. Pshhhhh, Pshhhh, Pshhhh. It was the sound of our next-door campers re-inflating their mattresses. I smiled, grinned when at 5 am they had their foot pump out again whilst our Aerobed Active was still fully inflated. It had been excellent when camping: inflated in 60 seconds, remained inflated through the night, provided a ridiculously comfortable, cushioned, soft surface to sleep on and when rain came in as we started to pack up, it was a great relief to have it deflated in 15 seconds and packed up in its convenient size bag in the back of the car in under a minute. It is also an excellent guest bed that can be pulled out on the living room floor for overnight guests and takes up very little room to store when not in use. The pump worked very well and was easy to use and at full charge, it can fully inflate a double mattress three times (or inflate 3 mattresses).

I have never been an expert camper and tend to view other campers with a certain level of admiration – for fitting all their gear into small cars, always sleeping comfortably warm, cooking their own meals, erecting cooking tents in a flash with a tarpaulin and tent pole in wet weather and just generally seeming to be having a great time. Sleeping on an Aerobed mattress made me feel like I was a bit more of an expert camper who no longer woke up on a cold tent floor sans inflation at 2 am. It took less than 30 minutes to pitch our tent and have our camping beds set-up and when it was time to go, we packed up and was on our way home in under 20 minutes. A large chunk of the time saving was thanks to the quick inflation and deflation of the mattress.

The Aerobed Active mattress provided a comfortable night’s sleep, even for someone like me with joint issues and back problems. It’s not a budget choice, but a camping mattress isn’t something to skimp on if you camp regularly. The single chamber design did mean that movement from my co-sleeper was much more noticeable and we had to agree on the firmness between us, but it’s a small matter compared to the level of comfort I didn’t know was possible for a camping mattress. Recommended.

Ergohacks Essential

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Price: ± £80
Included in the box: Double mattress, rechargeable cordless pump for inflation, 12v charger, 240v charger, 4 patches, pump instructions, mattress instructions, carry bag for all components.aerobed inflated

About Aerobed

Aerobed, a Bristol-based company founded in 1992, is the definitive name in the world of inflatable mattresses. It starts with their proprietary technology, including the Whoosh™ valve, that allows for quick and easy inflation and deflation, but Aerobeds are more than just easy to set-up. The company has built a reputation for making some of the best air mattresses on the market and have remained at the top of the game for over twenty years.

In 2010, Aerobed was purchased by Coleman Company, Inc., an American company based in Wichita, Kansas, United States. Coleman is a subsidiary of Jarden, which was acquired in 2016 by Newell Rubbermaid, which renamed itself Newell Brands. Newell Brands owns a large number of brands, including Coleman, Aerobed, Sharpie, PaperMate, Parker, Graco, Yankee Candle, Spontex, Quickie and more*.

Newell Brands have published their corporate social responsibility policy on their website which lists the steps they are taking to minimize their environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of their operating practices and brand products. They also work with local charities and they have a “annual Global Day of Service” where employees spend the day volunteering within their local community where they live and work.


The Aerobed of today has gone through multiple iterations over more than 20 years, each design improving on the first and the latest Aerobeds combine a high-quality mattress with a powerful pump that inflates in under 60 seconds. The pump has the additional bonus that it is supplied with valves that let it be used on other styles of camp bed and it works almost as fast on those as on the Aerobed.


aerobed in useProduct dimensions: 198 x 137 x 23 cm (L/W/H)
Maximum load: 204 kg
Product weight including pump: 5.1 Kg
Colour: Tan/light brown
Built-in pillow for extra comfort
Pump: screw-on, rechargeable pump with pump and 2 chargers included.
Inflation: <1 min.
Deflation: 15 seconds
Materials: Flocked PVC (top surface), PVC (side and bottom)

Warranty: 2 years

Charge pump for 24 hours before first use. Access to car or mains for recharging.

Build quality

The review is based on the Aerobed Active Double kindly provided by Aerobed. Click to read more about our eco icons and access icons used in this review. This article was first published on 12 May 2016.