Allie Brosh draw-writes the blog webcomic Hyperbole and a Half and has also published a book with the same title. Each post/chapter is a real life story created from the perspective of the time the story occurred, so that the memories of a five year old comes from the perspective of said five year old. Allie’s work is flawless, beautifully rendered and very funny.

Drawing of woman in pink dress with text "I feel nothing" on the left

Her story, “Adventures in Depression“, posted in 2011, has received much critical acclaim and is included in her book and it tells the story about what depression is really like, particularly at the start. Depression Part two, posted in 2013, is about what Depression is like after some time has gone by.  It touches on the subject of feeling suicidal and how difficult it is to try and talk about that without it becoming a very big deal for other people.

If you have ever told someone with Depression to cheer up, snap out of it, look on the bright side, see the glass as half full or hang in there because it gets better, read this to see why that didn’t work.

Source: Hyperbole and a Half