Desk for feet operated keyboard and mouse

This table was designed for someone who uses their feet to access their computer with a standard keyboard and two-button mouse. RehabEngineer published an articled on how it was modified to be more ergonomic by adapting it to the person it was made for, making sure that the screen, keyboard, seat and mouse were at the right angle and height.

feet desk

Computer desks for feet are not something you see every day and this is quite a neat one. It is built to hold an old CRT monitor and quite solid. Custom made desks are quite expensive and I can’t help but wonder whether it would be possible to build something similar without needing to make it from scratch.

The desk could be replaced with a bookcase with height adjustable shelves, like the Ikea Billy bookcase and secured to the wall well, it should be reasonably secure. The cheapest idea I can think of for a an angled keyboard shelf is a [amazon_link id=”B0007YB8NM” target=”_blank” ]laptop riser[/amazon_link] that could be attached to the shelf for added stability. A heel rest could be made from the gelpad on a mouse mat or something similar and attached to the riser. Older risers in particular are quite sturdy, I’m not sure if they would be sturdy enough to support both a keyboard and footrest, but I think they might be.

The mouse and mouse mat can be placed flat on one of the bookshelves and so can the screen and other peripherals. An integrated chair would not be necessary and any chair could be used as the desk would be height adjustable and can line up to the chair. I haven’t built anything like this myself, but I do think with a little thought and tinkering an affordable easy-to-assemble desk made from readily available economic materials should not be too hard to do.

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