Inclusive design

At Ergohacks we embrace the principles of universal design and believe that everyone, regardless of their differences, deserve equal access and consideration in the design of products, places and services.

We do not have the time and resources to provide in-depth, up-to-date information about accessibility. Our goal is to keep accessibility in mind and provide a general indication of a product or places’ accessibility.

We visit every venue we feature personally and one of the items we base our recommendations on is inclusive design. We evaluate the presence of inclusive features, particularly those that allow anyone with a disability or special requirement to fit in without being segregating from their family, friends or other patrons.

We look at a variety of design factors, including mobility and wheelchair access, support for those with a visual, hearing or cognitive impairment as well as some finer nuances – fluorescent lighting, how readily additional information is made available (carbohydrate content of meals/individual servings within a meal required for diabetics, gluten-free, dairy-free and other dietary restrictions.

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Lily Ellis - Founder|Editor