We want the simple life. Sustainable. Ethical. Minimalist. Organic. Waste Free Living. 

But we want the simple life without the weeding, digging, planting and setting of snail traps.

Our perfect solution is to let others do the work for us.

We love simple pleasures and beautiful places. We appreciate fine craftsmanship and exquisite design.

Our technology – and we adore our technology – works for us to simplify life and add convenience. 

We look for quality over disposability. We find cost-effective solutions that last for many years to come.  

We surround ourselves with things that add functionality, beauty and pleasure to life.

Things should just work

And when clever design meets innovative technology, they usually do. 

We look for durable products, excellent craftsmanship and embrace things of substance that uncomplicates life and is always a pleasure to use.

Minimalism: Less is more

Invest in quality and one pair of shoes is better than ten. Reducing what we buy and what we own adds value to life. It also saves us time and money. 

We focus our purchases on things that will last and pick quality over quantity every time. 

Ethical & Sustainable

Improving life quality for others by supporting ethical businesses who care about the environment, people and the welfare of animals matter.

We aim to live as ethical, sustainable a lifestyle as we can. Our focus is on improving rather than achieving – every small change we make adds up. 

Meet Chris, Lily and Cass. Based near Stonehenge, we work from a modest home office (i.e. the living room).

We’re always looking for better solutions that add quality and substance to life. We sleep in every bed, eat all the food, test, tinker and personally use each item we recommend.

We love trying new things and discovering better ways of living a happier, healthier life. 

More about us – Our Story