Your money or your time?

Time slips away from most of us. We follow schedules, race to meet deadlines whilst problem solving and ticking to-do lists. At work and at home, on weekdays and holidays, we make quick decisions, succumb to impulse purchases and often focus our priorities on the tasks we need to get done today. We don’t have time to waste and money doesn’t grow on trees.

Ergohacks began as a personal quest. It was born from an idea: That it is possible to live life deliberately, budget well and have time for everything we value. We want to live ecologically, don’t want to spend a fortune buying stuff we don’t need and we want our stuff to be robust, flexible, adaptable and inclusive. We appreciate beautiful craftmanship, innovation and nifty things that make life better.

We like things that work well.

We hope that you will too.

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Our featured reviews

We do things a bit different at Ergohacks. We believe in durability – of items, ideas and in the content we create. We’re not a news outlet, we don’t chase the latest and greatest and we don’t care to write one off review of something we only used for a couple of weeks. Our reviews are all works in progress. The first publication is usually our first impression after testing a product for 3 – 4 weeks, but we amend our reviews to keep them up to date and relevant. Products may grow and move up from being recommended to receiving an essential rating, whilst outdated items that were excellent two years ago may be downgraded in today’s market as a better alternative has emerged. We archived features for out of date products.

Our goal is to provide information that is valid, true and relevant today and moves forward in time rather than be left behind as a record of what we used to think of something years ago on the day of its release.

Our values

Balance: Things that work blend function and form beautifully. Flexibility: Usable by a wide range of people with a wide range of ability and taste in a wide range of circumstances. Ergonomic: Maximize productivity by reducing fatigue and discomfort. Ecological & ethical: Value the environment and respect people. Cost-effective: worth your money, time and energy. Appropriate: the right tool for the right person for the right job. Inclusive: Equally accessible, without segregating people with a disability, chronic health condition or specialist requirement.


“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – H.D. Thoreau


The Team

Ergohacks was founded as a partnership between husband-and-wife team Chris and Lily Ellis. Based near Stonehenge, they work from a modest home office (i.e. the living room). Their complex health needs, passion for technology, games and gadgets combined with their desire to live a simple, ecological, ethical life and make a positive contribution sparked the idea for a website focused on solutions. Finding things that work well is a family endeavor and their 6-year old loves to help out alongside their two cats, Nimitz and Jade.

EH hard at work
Hard at work

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