If you’ve gotten to Ergohacks the chances are that you are at the least somewhat tech-savvy but being realistic a large proportion of people and a larger proportion of the disabled are not tech-savvy at all.  There have been numerous attempts over the years to resolve this in the UK starting in the mid 1980s and one of the most recent is a service from IBM launched charity AbilityNet.  They run a network of volunteers who offer free computer assistance to the disabled in their own homes.  All the volunteers are CRB or DBM’d and can provide help with computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

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The examples given by AbiltyNet include helping choose appropriate equipment, software and broadband services, helping with installation and adjusting accessibility options, diagnosing problems such as  virus’s and helping you get more out of your systems.  They do not provide any hardware or software themselves but can signpost towards the best option for you.

To access AbilityNet ring their free phone help line ( 0800 269 545 ) or via email and talk through what you are looking for.  They will try and match you with their network of volunteers and arrange help.  They also have a number of basic factsheets available on their website covering most of the basics of accessibility and computing in the UK.

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