Accessibility guides in the US have historically been quite patchy only covering a small geographical area or state.  The sheer size of the US and number of places and people involved makes it very difficult to change that.  Harvard student Kunho Kim aims to start to change that by writing a travelogue and bringing attention to the lack.

Kim and three friends plan to take two months to drive from Los Angeles to Boston in an accessible van and document everything on the way.  They’re going to look at hotels, rest stops, restaurants and any local facilities they use.  In itself the result will be interesting, although not much use unless you are on that route yourself but Kim hopes it can raise awareness of the lack of any form of comprehensive information in the US.

The trip will take in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington and they will be updating a blog as they go.  After they finish they will write a book  detailing the story of the trip and giving examples of good and bad practice they find.  The book is to come out within a year of the trip although there are no details if they have managed to arrange a publishing deal.

Kim is funding the trip via crowd-funding site Trevolta and a number of donations of services or discounts from retailers in the US.  At the moment they have raised over $6000 which is the bare minimum to have the trip go ahead but are looking to raise more to cover more costs and get more variety in their route.



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