A tale about tails is the most recent book in the Cat in the Hat Step into Reading series, based on the PBS Kids television show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Written by Tish Rabe. Illustrated by Tom Brannon it follows the familiar characters of the Cat, Nick and Sally in a rhythmic rhyming text that children enjoy. It is a picture book that is best viewed on a tablet.

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Kindle: PLP £2.41, Kindle Price £1.47

Hardcover (Library Binding): RRP £7.85, £7.54 Amazon Prime

Paperback: £2.38 Amapzon Prime

Board book: Not available

Audio book: Not available, Kindle Edition Text-to-speech enabled

ISBN-10: 0375971858 (Hardback), 0385371179 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0375971853 (Hardback), 978-0385371179 (Paperback)

Target Audience: Step-into-reading Level 3, Age 2 – 8 years

Adult Annoyance Factor: None.


Features and Accessibility

Design & Visual Accessibility

It’s a well-illustrated book that displays two pages at the same time. There is an integrated zoom, however using it covers up the pictures that annoys children who thoroughly enjoying look at the pictures. Screen brightness can be adjusted in the app, but all other features are locked.

Audio Accessibility

A Tale about Tails is has no audio version, but text-to-speech is enabled for the allowed devices.

Input and Touch

The ebook is available in three formats. A lightweight paperback that is easy to hold a durable hardback (library binding) and as a Kindle ebook. The ebook is accessed through the Kindle App using the conventional touch gestures to zoom and page.

Ease of Use

It is a Reading level 3 book, but the story is easy to follow and the illustrations captivating to a younger audience as well. The tale about tails make a great bedtime book with its natural rhythm, but like others in the series, it also teaches the basic concepts around a chosen topic, in this case, tails, that offers the opportunity for lots of questions and further discussion when read at another time.

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A tale about tails is the last in a long line of books that all use the same format, style, wording and characters. Little children really enjoy repetition and for young readers and those still being read to, the predictability is part of the enjoyment. There is enough novelty to distinguish each book from the rest and the humour is just perfect for kids. I am a huge Dr Seuss fan, but at a very young age, my daughter did not like Oh, the places you’ll go” or The Cat in the Hat, but she instantly fell in love with this cat in the hat that has been teaching her about salmon, tree roots, feet, camouflage, hair, chocolate, crabs and now different sorts of tails. Now that she loves the cat, it has been much easier to introduce her to the Dr Seuss classics and as we continue to read these, we are also expanding our shelf to include the books I love and have always wanted to share with her.

The ebook is quite accessible with clear text that can be enlarged, although it then covers up the pictures, the ability to use text-to-speech is good and navigation is done with simple one finger touch input. The language used is easy to understand and the predictable format, rhythm and style makes it easier to build on the skills learned by reading other books in the same series. They are great books to read to children that then in years to come, become great books for children to learn how to read. The tale about tales is another well written, beautifully illustrated early reader book I would recommend to parents of all small children.

Product: The Tale about Tails Developer: Tish Rabe (author), Tom Brannon (illustrated) | Genre: Children’s Picture Book | Language: English | Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers, 1st edition (7 Jan 2014)

The book review is based on the Kindle edition read on an iPad Air.

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