Its no secret to anyone who knows me and Lily that we are fans of Mythbusters and its Tested spin off.  Their most recent project video is following Will building a custom computer desk for his home office.   Unlike most custom builds he is not an expert in making and this actually makes the videos more interesting.

In the first video he works out his design, selects, cuts and glues his wood.  The second video covers ‘biscuit joining’ and the initial construction of the metal legs.

The third video shows will working cutting and then welding the metal legs of the desk.

There is at least one more video still to come covering assembly, the draw unit  and probably final finishing.  If you are anything like me it is refreshing to watch someone try a bigger project when they are not already a seasoned professional.  The format with the videos being posted every few days also adds to the interest as Will is actively watching the comments and acting on the suggestions made.

Tested is an interesting resource and often turns out watchable content and this series of videos is one of the more interesting sets they have produced.




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