The 3 in 1 USB Cable is a small cheap cable designed to allow plugging a micro USB, lightning and 30 pin connector into the same USB port.  In other words an Android phone or tablet and a new Apple device and an older Apple device.



Technical Specification

The listing for the cable claims that you will be able to charge and sync all of your devices with this, but is unclear if they are claiming that you can use all of the heads at once.  After a little experimentation it turns out that you can charge on two out of the three heads at once but a data connection was limited to one at a time and it was not reliable often needing a replug particular on the lightning connector.  The charge was reliable provided the USB port had sufficient amperage.

The cable itself is very short – around 10cm but that is actually an advantage as it increases its portability.  For the price it is surprisingly nicely finished and seems durable, although I have not stress tested it.



Product Information

Manufacturer: Unstated.
Fulfilled by Covers4it in the UK via Amazon
Price: £3.50
Retailer: [amazon_link id=”B00BM6ET6W” target=”_blank” ]New 3 In 1 USB Cable For Iphone 5 – 4 – Micro USB[/amazon_link]

Included In The Box

  • Cable.


The 3 in 1 USB charger is a low price product aimed at those with multiple devices looking for convenience.  If you can accept its relatively low quality it could make a good spare or on the go charger, but it should not be relied upon for data or as a main charging cable.

The 3 in 1 USB cable for iPhone is compatible with PC or wall chargers. 


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