Smart lightbulbs are a area of the market which has gradually been coming to prominence as part of the Internet of Things over the last several years. LEDs are now cheap and small enough that it is possible to put a numerous colored units into one bulb and everyone has a smartphone to control it and to produce almost any color required. Make a few more adjustments to the length of the bulb and there is space to put a speaker in there as well.

The 1Byone Bluetooth Speaker Smart lightbulb is aimed at the economy end of the market and is a standalone bluetooth controlled speaker and light.

So what can it do? You can set lights of almost any color via a colour wheel and intensity metre. This color can be manually fixed or you can set it to ‘automatic mode’ which rotates the light color and intensity depending on the music or sound it is playing. The speaker can play music or spoken voice either via MP3s loaded into the 1Byone app or being treated as a standard external bluetooth speaker in other apps such as Spotify or Google Music.

The whole system is controlled via a smartphone app (Android or iOS) and is designed to be switched on at the wall and always controlled from the phone.

Product Information

Price: £24.99

Included in the box: Smart Bulb and a short manual.

Retailer: Amazon or 1byone

About Manufacturer: 1byone

1ByOne is a Chinese consumer equipment manufacturer that makes a very wide variety of devices from door bells and cables to smoke machines.


The Ergohacks Evaluation


The SmartBulb is versatile and leans itself to use in a variety of locations. As a single light source that cannot easily be synced with other bulbs we found that it was best in rooms with a single overhead light so it could provide the main light or in a lamp where it could be an acent color.

The speaker is of reasonable quality but due to its relatively low wattage we found it more appropriate for background music or spoken word rather than louder music. As a podcast listener this worked perfectly for me!

It is accessible to people with diverse abilities but the auto color control mode is potentially a trigger if you have any condition which is visually induced such as seizures or some migraines.

It will operate in temperatures of -10 to 50 degrees celsius but is not splashproof or waterproof. As such it might be useable outside or in a humid room such as a bathroom but would need to be in a sealed unit which would muffle the sound.

Ergonomic Design

Once installed the SmartBulb never needs to be physically touched again and can be controlled entirely from the app including switching on and off. The app “TecPowerBulb” is functional if not particularly beautiful. The app has a number of tabs at the bottom of which only two of which are regularly useful – switching on and off and controlling the color. The SmartBulb can also be set to switch off at a specific time. As a bluetooth device it is designed to pair with one device only. This means that if I pair it to my phone and go off to work no-one else at home will be able to use the speaker or adjust the color without my phone.

When the SmartBulb is switched off at the wall it looses its settings and when turned back on will be white with a medium level of intensity.

Environment & People

The Smartbulb uses standard LED parts and no particular environmental practices were employed during its manufacturing as far as I am aware. LED lightbulbs are not recyclable but should have a very long life and can be disposed of with household waste.


The SmartBulb represents good value. An equal size and wattage LED bulb costs between £7 and £10 and a small powered bluetooth speaker anywhere from £12 upwards so the £25 cost for an integrated unit makes perfect sense even before you consider the range of colors.


Size: 16.2 x  10 x 10 cm
Bulb Type: LED 6W
Cap type: E27 Screw fit
Light strength: 300 lumen
Bluetooth: 4.0 A2DP
Speaker: 3 Watt mono
Control: Android 2.3.3 or later, Apple iOS 7.0 or later
Input Voltage: AC 100V – 240V
Light Angle: 120 degree
Working frequency: 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature: -10 – 50 degrees celsius


The Smart Bulb is designed to fit into a standard screw fitting light socket of type E27. The bulb is considerably larger than most and as such you should consider if it physically will fit inside the shade. It does not generate heat. It is not water resistant so cannot be used in places which may become humid such as a kitchen or bathroom unless inside a sealed cover.


There are many reasons you might want light of a different color. Light can set a mood and atmosphere from romantic to horror and can wake you up or help you relax. Its often been said that one of the reasons we’re not sleeping as well as we use to is that we’re getting too much blue light in the time before we are ready to sleep which throws off our circadian rhythms and melatonin production. There are many ways to get different tints of light such as lampshades or tinted bulbs but they are all fixed and not easily changeable. Modern LED color lights like the 1Byone Smart LED Bulb let you set the perfect light level for the circumstance. The built in speaker is not going to replace your stereo but offers a great way to further add to a mood or environment and I found it great for podcasts.

The bulb is well made and the app is functional and straightforward to use. If you want to add to the environment of your space light and sound is the easiest way to do so and the SmartBulb is a great budget choice. Recomended.

The review is based on the 1byOne Smart LED Bulb kindly provided by 1ByOne. This post contains affiliate links. First published on 15th October 2015.


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