Records and LPs are the format that never seems to die. They were invented in the 18th century and by the 1920s were dominant and stayed so for the next 60 years until the 1980s. In that time period people built up huge libraries of LPs and to this day there is still a thriving second hand market and a new market for those who say the audio quality of LPs is simply better than their replacements. There is something to this argument – LPs are an analogue system and current day CDs are digital which does have inherently poorer quality.

So you’ve gotten a stack of LPs from a record shop or car boot sale sale how do you play them? In past times most had a HiFi stack system which included a record player but these are rare today. The answer is a small portable system. The 1By1 Vintage Turntable is exactly what the name would suggest – a small portable record player with vintage styling.

Price: £65.99

Included in the box: Record player, power cable, single removeable needle (already fitted)

Retailer:, and 1byOne

About Manufacturer: 1Byone

1ByOne is a Chinese consumer equipment manufacturer that makes a very wide variety of devices from door bells and cables to smoke machines.

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The Ergohacks Evaluation


The Vintage Turntable is versatile. It’s able to play the three common types of record with the enclosed adaptor. The built in speakers are reasonable if not particularly loud or bassy. They are also very directional – standing in front of the player gives a good sound and off to a side not so good.

The player can also output via a standard RCA output and a 3.5mm headphone Jack which means it could be used as part of a hifi system or connected to external speakers. That RCA connector also means that if you wanted to it could be connected to a PC with an appropriate sound card and used to digitise your records. I tried this with the 3.5mm jack and was able to rip in a copy of the Smurfs single using Audacity in surprisingly good quality.

Finally the player has a line in port that lets you use the speakers from an external system like a your smartphone or an MP3 player.

The player is designed for indoor use and like all undamped record players is somewhat sensitive to vibrations.

Ergonomic Design

The Vintage Turntable is encased in a small integrated briefcase that feels solid to hold and carry. The power supply unfortunately does not have a place it can be stored inside it. Once set down and opened up the power cable plugs in the side where the controls are. The side controls and plugs are all together and solid.

Environment & People

We are unaware of any specific environmental or social aspects to the unit.

The needle is the most common point of failure on a record player and the needle on this unit is replaceable extending its useful life significantly.

Cost Effectiveness

The 1byone Vintage Turntable is among the most economic record players available and among most of its immediate competitors with its compact design and ability to output to a RCA feed. As a budget system it does not have any significant amplification or vibration dampers but will fulfill most peoples requirements perfectly.

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Size: 34 x 25 x 12 cm
Plays: 33/78 and 45 with provided adapter
Item Weight:
Colour: Black, turquoise or Denim
Textile: PE Leather or denim
Environment: Indoors

Warranty: Twelve month guarantee


Despite being a portable player the unit does not have any batteries – mains power is required.


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The 1byone Vintage Portable Turntable is a surprisingly nice and economic piece of kit. I’d expected that a player which was so budget would cut corners somewhere and after a couple of weeks of use I can say that the build quality is excellent and it does exactly what it says. The internal amp is small so it’s not the loudest system in the world – but as it lets you connect to an external system via the RCA connector this could be worked out. If you’ve a record collection you want to access again or just want to add the ability to play the occasional record to your hifi setup the player will serve you well. Recomended.

The review is based on the 1byone Portable Turntable kindly provided by 1byone. This post contains affiliate links. First published on 17th December 2015.